The Life of Boo

Booberry was adopted around Halloween which is how she got her spooky name. Her parents call her Boo for short.

Booberry Blog-1.jpg

This Russian Blue cat lives in Berkeley where she is used to a certain way of life.

Booberry Blog-2.jpg

Every morning Boo goes out on the balcony to help her mom do yoga.

Booberry Blog-3.jpg

She is a big help and makes sure the yoga mat is safe.

Booberry Blog-4.jpg

After morning yoga, it's time for breakfast. Booberry's parents, a chef and a butcher, prepare her ground up organ meats and fresh fish.

Boo quality control.jpg

Boo supervises the process and provides quality control.

Boo with mom.jpg

After breakfast and a kiss from mom, Boo is ready to start her day.

Boo free of birds.jpg

First on the agenda is ridding the house of birds.

Boo mouse tails.jpg

Next up is making sure all mouse tails are on lock down.

Boo with dad.jpg

Booberry's Dad gives her a tummy rub for a job well done.

Booberry Blog-5.jpg

To honor how much Boo likes her time on the balcony,  Boo's parents got this portrait of her outside.

Boo's album.jpg

They also got an album with all their favorite photos from the session telling the whole story of "The Life of Boo".

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