Goldendoodle Birthday Party

This year I photographed two three-month old Goldendoodle puppies from the same litter: Luna (left) and Pacino (right).

Basket Puppy.jpg

Recently I photographed their 1 year birthday party. Here’s how they look now with the same basket. Luna is on the right this time.

Basket 1 Year.jpg

Their birthday party was a big shindig. Each had their own cake with candle.

1 Cakes Setup.jpg

There was a ball pit and birthday hats.

2 Ball Fun.jpg

There were tunnels to play in.

Tunnel Fun.jpg

And a bubble machine!

Bubble Machine.jpg

The balloons were a hit, but Luna was not happy about wearing her party clothes.

Luna hat off.jpg

And Pacino didn’t know what to think of confetti.

Pacino Confetti.jpg

Best of all was chasing each other outside on the grass.

Chasing Outside.jpg

In the end Luna and Pacino posed for their shared birthday with tongues out.

Final Bday Dogs.jpg

If you’ve got a pet’s birthday, gotcha day or other fun event coming up, email me at to reserve some time to get some great photos while everyone’s all dressed up.

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