Husky Love At the Beach

This recent session captured the unusual love between two huskies and their smaller friend.

Husky Love 1.jpg

Jackalope and Spike are two husky brothers adopted together from the Northern California Sled Dog Rescue.

Dax in your face.jpg

Their best friend is Dax, a small poodle mix with a big personality!


It was a treat to photograph them having fun at Albany Bulb's beach. Together they discovered this tent made from driftwood.

Peanut Butter.jpg

Spike and Jack practiced making faces while they ate peanut butter.

Dax Pointing.jpg

Dax showed off his pointing skills.

Husky Love.jpg

Snuggles and kissies-on-the-head were well distributed.

Posed Three Dogs.jpg

Briefly they agreed to pose for a formal portrait of their pack.

Three Dogs Together.jpg

But mostly it was just about a fun day at the beach with an unusual dog pack.

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