Two Black Scotties on Location

Muddy and Tuesday are the names of two adorable black Scottish Terriers that did a photo session with me. Since their mom wanted outdoor photos we had to reschedule a few times because of rain, but finally we got a beautiful clear day. The girls were freshly groomed and looking spiffy so first we got some portraits of them on their front porch.

Then we went out to Albany bulb where they got to frolic at the beach and get really dirty. I love how their short legs look like bed skirts when they run!

They really enjoyed chasing balls and would even go ankle deep into the water to retrieve them.

We put their scarves on for a formal family portrait on a stone wall at the park. Doesn’t it kind of look like they are in the Scottish highlands? This portrait made the perfect new year’s card for their mom to send out to all their admirers.

All their shenanigans and perfect moments from that day are now preserved in an album that their mom can enjoy. I love putting a silly outtake photo on the back cover of albums and theirs has one of them rolling around in the sand.

If you’d like portraits of your dogs on location at a beach or their favorite park email me at to schedule a complimentary pre-consultation.

Pipi Diamond