Calendar Cat: Grissom

Every year I do a photo session with this handsome gray and white cat named Grissom.

Grissom Blog 1.jpg

The best images are featured in a calendar sent by his mom to his admirers as New Year’s gifts.

Grissom Blog 2.jpg

Sometimes Grissom is great about posing, like he did here for a Thanksgiving-themed portrait.

Grissom Blog 4.jpg

Other times he waits at the door to be let out of the room.

Grissom Blog 5.jpg

This year we got him drinking from the kitchen sink, a naughty habit that is sometimes allowed.

Grissom Blog 6.jpg

In exchange for a fishy treat he agreed to be photographed sharpening his nails on his cat scratcher.

Grissom Blog 9.jpg

We also caught him outdoors on the patio where he likes to bird-watch.

And we found him in the Scrabble box. He’s not a great speller but he does know his own name.

Grissom Blog 8.jpg

This is Grissom washing up after cleaning the fish flakes off of his birthday cupcake, baked by his mousie chef friend.

Grissom Blog 11.jpg

This is Grissom's favorite spot to nap.

Grissom Blog 10.jpg

And here is Grissom posing with his 2015 calendar. What a handsome boy!

Grissom Blog 3.jpg

If your pet wants to be the star of its own calendar, email me at to schedule a consultation where we’ll plan a fun photo session so that you can enjoy great photos of your pet all year round.

Pipi Diamond