First Year Puppy Changes

This year I photographed a puppy twice, at four months and on his first birthday. The changes were amazing!  

Theo 4 months Palace of Fine Arts.jpg

Theodore, a miniature Australian Shepard, was only 8 pounds when we did the first session at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

Theo 1 Year Bday Cake.jpg

Eight months later we did a session at Crissy Field beach in San Francisco. By then he had more than doubled to 20 pounds, his coat had filled out and his red Merle coloring had become much more pronounced!

Theo Action 4 months.jpg

Even though he looks so different there’s something about the crazed look in his eyes when he’s running around that is still the same. Here’s an action shot at 4 months.

Theo Action 1 yr.jpg

And another action shot at 1 year old.

Theo Head Tilt 4 months.jpg

Here’s a head tilt shot at four months.

Theo Head Tilt 1 yr.jpg

And a head tilt shot, with birthday crown, at 1 year.

Theo Frisbee 1 year.jpg

By his first birthday he not only looked different, but he had some new skills such as this terrific Frisbee catch.

That first year for a puppy or kitten is so filled with changes, it’s a great time to have one or more photo sessions. Email me at to get the process started!

Pipi Diamond