A Love Story

Last December I got to photograph this couple on the day that they got engaged.

01 No dogs.jpg

I pretended to be a tourist while Chris took his girlfriend Anri out for a walk in Half Moon Bay.

02 Hike.jpg

Anri had no idea what was coming and didn’t see me taking photos of the big moment.

03 Proposal.jpg

The answer was “Yes!”

04 Yes.jpg

The crowd, family and friends, waiting at a restaurant within sight, went wild!

05 Crowd.jpg

It was all sealed with a kiss.

06 Kiss.jpg

It was a very happy moment.

07 Happy After.jpg

Here’s a candid of them coming back from their hike still in shock from becoming engaged.

08 Shock.jpg

And here’s Chris showing his elation about everything coming together perfectly.

09 Elated.jpg

Their two dogs Max & Minnie got to be a part of it all. Max (on the left) had kept track of the ring in his backpack.

10 Happy Couple.jpg

Later I made them an album documenting the love story.

If you have a big moment planned I can help you capture the action you want to remember forever. Email me at PipiDiamond@gmail.com to start the secret planning.

Pipi Diamond