Tulip Display

Every year Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery has a tulip display from mid-March to mid-April.

Oscar with Red tulips.jpg

There are several spots good for photos with the flowers.

Chihuahua with Tulips.jpg

Dogs are officially allowed on-leash, but I can remove the leashes later in the digital images.

Colleen with Dog.jpg

Last year at the cemetery I photographed these goofy best friends: Banksy and El Chapo Taco!

Goofy Friends.jpg

Besides the tulips there are many beautiful stone steps and mausoleums.

Bosco with Dad.jpg

We can also go to the top of the cemetery where there’s a view of Oakland and San Francisco skylines.

Einstein with view.jpg

It’s a great time to get an updated family portrait with the fur babies.

Family portrait with tulips.jpg

Or even just a good rolling around in the grass photo.

Rolling around in grass.jpg

If you’d like to schedule a pet photography session during the tulip display at the cemetery, email me soon at PipiDiamond@gmail.com to reserve a good date and time and to start the planning process.

Pipi Diamond