On Location: Stinson Beach

For anyone who has been disappointed by the cold rocky beaches of Northern California, Stinson Beach is refreshingly sunny, sandy and warm. Located in Marin County, it’s a bit of a twisty drive to get there, but the northern portion of the beach (technical the county-owned Upton Beach) welcomes dogs!

Iga in Car.jpg

A couple months ago I photographed Iga, a senior German Shepherd, at Stinson Beach. Iga drove us there. Just kidding! Her family does not trust her with the keys yet.

02 Iga with stick.jpg

 Iga quickly found the biggest stick on the beach and paraded it around. I was impressed with its size.

03 Iga action ball.jpg

Despite being 10 years old, Iga still enjoys catching balls so I got a bunch of action shots!

03 Iga Silhouette.jpg

We were there just before sunset so I was able to get some striking silhouette portraits like this one of Iga running on the wet sand.

I love this one of Iga carrying her stick in the surf while her mom chases her.

Iga running with Robin.jpg

I also caught her enjoying a moment with her Dad right before he throws that stick.

Iga Family Portrait.jpg

This lovely family portrait gives you a feel for Stinson Beach.

Iga and her mom have an especially sweet bond so I made sure to catch a tender moment between them.

03 Iga Head Shot.jpg

This was the best portrait of Iga from that day.

Iga triptych v2.jpg

The end result of the photo session was this beautiful framed art piece featuring favorite images from the session.

If you want to check out Stinson Beach here are directions: From 101-South in Marin County, take the Mill Valley exit 447 to East Blithedale Avenue. Follow the signs to connect to Highway 1. Park in the National Park Service-owned Stinson Beach lot at the northern end near the bathing facilities. You’ll need to keep your dog on leash in the parking lot, but once you get to the beach, turn right to head towards Upton Beach and then you can let your dog off leash.

If the beach is your dog’s happy place and you want some lasting mementos of your time there, email me at PipiDiamond@gmail.com to schedule a complimentary consultation for pet photography.

Pipi Diamond