Sunrise Sessions

I’m not naturally an early riser, but I’ve found sunrise photo sessions can be worth getting up early for.

Some reasons to get going before sunup:

Jazzy Ziggy 2018 Low Resolution-13.jpg

No Crowds

Get to popular locations before the crowds for fewer distractions from other people and dogs.

Sunrise Cali-1.jpg

Beautiful Sky

At sunrise or the twilight time just before sunrise you can catch more unusual colors in the sky.

5x7 Print Kody wtih Bridge lo res.jpg

Golden Light

The light just after sunrise is softer than later in the day with a golden hue.

For older dogs, dogs with thick fur, and dogs with flat faces that have trouble breathing it can be safer to do sessions early thereby avoiding the heat of the day.

Email me at to start the process of getting your pet beautifully photographed.

Pipi Diamond