4 Tips To Dress Right For Your Portrait

I often get asked for recommendations on what to wear to make your photo session images look fantastic. Here are four tips to help you dress right.

1.      Avoid busy patterns like polka dots and large logos. We want the viewer to look at the person and the pet in the image and not be distracted by the clothing.

Leather Boots and Blue jeans.jpg

Blue jeans and brown leather boots look really good against green grass. The lack of patterns, flashy colors or logos keeps the eye on what’s important – the person and her dog.

2.      Wear long sleeves and long pants. People’s eyes are drawn to skin, but we want them to look at your face not your legs or arms.

3.      Coordinate colors. For family portraits you can all dress alike, in say blue jeans and white tops, or make sure to have everyone wear either all cool colors (blue, green, purple) or all warm colors (red, orange, yellow).

20x24 Family Portrait low res 1.jpg

This family coordinated their clothing with blues, browns and white so that all the colors complimented each other without being matchy-matchy.

4.      Avoid wearing the same color as your pet’s fur since then you may blend together in the images.

Purple Matching Tops.jpg

This couple coordinated cool colors (purple and green). Their white dog Lily pops out nicely in front of the purple fabric.

Though the above tips are good guidelines, rules are meant to be broken. The most important thing to wear is something comfortable that reflects who you are.

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Pipi Diamond